Changing with the Season – April 16th

Changing with the Season – April 16th

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‘Changing with the Seasons’ will focus on what Georges Oshawa famously
said: that if we didn’t understand how a food might affect us and our
wellness, we have no business eating it. When I first read that, I
found him to be harsh and unyielding. Fast forward 39 years and I
could not agree with him more.

So much of what ails us comes stems from the fact that we have no idea
of the impact of the food we eat, so we have no idea how to choose

In this Zoom only class, we’ll explore the changing season and how to
adapt our food to ensure a smooth transition from winter to spring and
beyond, especially in light of our changing climate.

Wednesday, April 12, you’ll receive a PDF of the class information and
recipe document, along with the secure link to log in to the class. We
ask that you log in at least 5 minutes prior to the class start.

Can’t wait to see you all on Zoom!

Sunday, April 16, 1 pm to 3 pm

$35 per person