Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming Hand Soap

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Washing our hands has always been a must. Of course, these last few years have shone a light on this simple and essential practice like no other time.

Foaming hand soaps take this job to a gloriously luxurious level, but no one wants the toxic waste from single use packages as a result.

What to do to clean our hands responsibly?

It is time for a big change, and one of the best solutions to this problem I have seen. It's also a super easy zero waste swap that’s yummy for your hands and good to Mother Nature. 

I give you Petal: The refillable, natural, zero-waste foaming hand soap.

This simple system features a sleek aluminum bottle with a (post-consumer recycled plastics) foaming soap pump, which saves a lot of disposable soap bottles from landing in the landfill.

Just fill the bottle to the top and drop in one concentrated soap pack. Let it sit for a few seconds, give it a quick shake, and you are ready to wash!

The Kit Includes One Bottle and Four Soap Pods

Pods are Plant-Derived, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Natural and Non Toxic; contain no Parabens, no Phosphates, no Triclosan, no Sulfates, no Synthetic Scents or Dyes.

Each Pod Makes 8.5 oz of Soap